Monthly Archives: November 2018

The 2018 CVM report on Romania is the proof the Brussels bureaucrats’ disdain towards the obvious abuses of the Romanian justice system

The CVM report published by the European Commission on 13.10.2018, on the “progress” of Romanian justice system, is written with such bad faith and disdain for respecting the democratic norms and human rights in Romania that any citizen who has had contact with the abuses of the justice system from the last years can only […]

Raportul MCV pe 2018 este dovada dispretului birocratilor bruxelezi fata de abuzurile evidente din justitia romaneasca

Raportul MCV publicat de Comisia Europeana pe data de 13.10.2018, privind “progresele” din justitia romaneasca, este scris cu o atata rea credinta si dispret fata de respectarea normelor democratice si drepturilor omului in Romania incat pe orice cetatean care a avut contact cu justitia stramba a ultimilor ani nu poate decat sa il ingretoseze total […]